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About Weligama


The small fishing village of Weligama has now transformed itself in to a bustling small town, attracting many visitors and travelers to its fold, searching for a unique experience.

Never Miss While Staying At Aaryaana Garden Villa

  • Weligama Bay The famous Weligama bay and the Weligama beach with its golden sand are at a 10 min walking distance from the villa. It is possible to observe and to help local fisherman to pull in their nets loaded with fish and then to purchase fresh fish at the location itself. It is possible to sun bathe and to relax by the beach. Sea bathing is possible at times when the tide is low.


  • Stilt Fishing  From Aaryaana villa it’s a 10 min drive to Midigama/ Koggala where stilt fishing could be observed. (A lone fisherman fishing with a fishing rod sitting on a stilt in shallow sea waters).


  • Windsurfing – Midigama, the sea side village adjacent to Weligama is the most recently discovered exotic venue for windsurfing in Sri Lanka. Midigama could be reached by bicycles or by a Trishaw (Tuk-tuk). You can book windsurfing at Midigama by clicking here


  • Diving –  Diving schools are available in the local area. You can book windsurfing at Midigama by clicking here


  • Heritage Temples – Aaryana villa is located in close proximity to the ‘Agrabodhi Rajamahaviharaya’, a Theravada Buddhist temple built in the 6th century by Ancient king Devanampiyathissa. Ancient Buddhist paintings of ‘The Buddha’ and his disciples adorn the walls of the main worship hall of this temple.  On full moon Poya day’s devotees flock to the temple clad in white for worship. The chief incumbent of the temple will provide you with ‘pirith nool’ (blessed white string to wrap around your wrist) on request.


  • Kushtarajagala – Historical Kushtarajagala, a majestic rock carving of an ancient king who was once afflicted by a skin disease is located in front of Agrabodhi Rajamahaviharaya’. According to folklore the King is supposed to have got the rock carving done once he was cured of the disease at this place.  Others consider this as the statue of ‘Avalokitheshwara Boddhisatwa’ of Mahayana Buddhism.


Both these places are at a located at 10 min walk  from the villa. For more information about  Kushtarajagala, please click here

  • Weherahena temple – Weherahena temple is another temple famous for its Buddhist wall paintings located in Matara, 30-45 minutes drive. Necessary to include link if available to Weherahena temple. For more information about Weherahena temple , please click here


  • Dutch Fort – The famous Dutch fort in Galle built by the Dutch during their occupation is 45 minutes drive from Weligama. The fort is well preserved and attracts many travelers with its many restaurants, museums and the Rampart. The Dutch fort in Galle has attained fame with the annual literary festival that is hosted in Galle, attended by famous authors around the world. For more information about Dutch fort , please click here

  • Whale watching Its 20 minutes drive from Weligama to the adjacent fishing village Mirissa, which is a recently discovered famous destination for whale watching. Sea around Mirissa is the habitat of the famous and rare Blue whales. Expeditions to watch Blue whales are available during the season. Book your whale watching tour by clicking here


  • Plantations – Expeditions to view a Rubber, Cinnamon or a low country tea  plantation could be arranged on request with in a distance of  30 – 45 minute drive


  • Museums – The Martin Wickremasinghe museum is located at a distance of 10 mts drive from the villa. Martin Wickremasinghe was a famous local author and the house he was born is now a museum. Many of his books describing life during a bygone era in the locality are now available in English.  The famous small island which is described in one of his books ‘Madolduwa’ is accessible by a  catamaran. Read more about Martin Wickremasinghe 


  • Rain forests – ‘Singharaja’ the tropical rain forest which highlights the biodiversity of Sri Lanka is located at a distance of 2 hours drive. Necessary to include link to Singharaja rain forest. Find more about Sinharajaya


  • Safari parks – The famous Yala National Park where Leopards, Lephants, Sloth bears, Crocodiles, Deer, Sambar and Peacocks could be viewed It is only 3 hours drive from the villa. (Explore more about Yala Safari Park )

  •  Kanneliya Rain forest – Kanneliya is a forest complex in southern Sri Lanka. The forest complex designated as a biosphere reserve in 2004 by UNESCO. The KDN complex is the last large remaining rainforest in Sri Lanka other than Sinharaja. This forest area has been identified as one of the floristically richest areas in South Asia. The forest complex is situated 35 km northwest of city of Galle. The rain forest is a major catchment area for two of the most important rivers in southern Sri Lanka, the Gin and Nilwala Rivers. This biosphere reserve harbors many plants and animal species endemic to Sri Lanka.


  • Blow Hole Hummanaya – Hummanaya Blowhole is the only known blowhole in Sri Lanka and it is considered to be the second largest blowhole in the world. “Hummanaya” (Sinhala: හුම්මානය = හූ+මානය) refers to the noise, “hoo”, that can be heard at a distance away when the blowhole is active. Hummanaya is a natural blowhole, and caused when sea water rushes through a submerged cavern and is pushed upwards. The sea water flows underneath the shore, and then comes out of this hole due to pressure. The water fountain created by the geological feature shoots up every couple of minutes, depending on the nature of the sea, with the spray often reaching as high as 25 m (82 ft) to 30 m (98 ft).


  • Rumassala – 


Please click here to read about Rumassala

  • White Tea (Hadunugoda Tea State)


Handunugoda Tea Estate – World Famous virgin white tea This is a private tea plantation owned by a family situated few kilometers away from Weligama in Tittagalla, Ahangama. This is the closest tea plantation to the sea in the world. The estate is 200 acres and comprises 75 acres of tea. The balance is occupied rubber, coconut and cinnamon plantations. The property has a well equipped tea factory producing the famous virgin white tea which is untouched by hand. The process of tea plucking follows an ancient Chinese tradition where tea pluckers never touch the tea with their bare hands. The white tea is rich in antioxidants and is supposed to be the healthiest and the most expensive tea in the world. A resident tea planter will meet you and take you around the working tea plantation. You will learn how the white tea is produced and made in to one of the best tea in the world. The tour will end with a tea hosting session and there is a small shop where will be able to buy virgin white tea as well as less expensive options.

Lace Making

Lace making is an indigenous art that was pioneered by the Portuguese in the 16th century. It was practices by the Dutch ladies during the Dutch colonial era. Later the Sinhalese ladies established it as a handicraft in south – western coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Today it is being practiced mainly by the Sinhalese ladies who inherited the handicraft from their ancestors. Along the coastal area of Weligama, ladies are seen engaged in lace making – crochet & tatting in the verandah of their houses. Among the range of products made with lace that are available to purchase are blouses, table linen, curtains, bed spreads & pillows.

Turtle Farm & Hatchery

kesbewaThe “Sea Turtle Farm & Hatchery” is a non – profitable organization which is maintained for the survival of Sea Turtles for the next generation. The “Turtle Farm” is situated in Habaraduwa (southern part of Sri Lanka – Galle District) near to the beautiful beach. That is 5m from the Galle – Matara main road. The center was started in 1986 and up to now we have released more than 500,000 Sea Turtles to the ocean.

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Snake Farm

While your  stay at the Villa, you must see Snake Farm near Weligama Read More 

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